Report: If I Was Your Girl


Love it.  The end.

I probably could and maybe should end with that, because anything more i say will simply be a less awesome version of the experience you would get if you read this book– which, why haven’t you?   Get it and read it now!

If I Was Your Girl is a coming of age novel, and as such it hits many of the beats you would expect.   One thing that makes this novel different, however, is that the main character is a very typical insecure young woman going through all the changes and insecurities that come with being a new girl in a new school, falling in love for the first time, trying to relate to her estranged father, but who happens to have been born in the wrong body.   She was born male, but always knew she was a girl.

In addition, the story takes place in the American South, and the character was raised as a fundamentalist Christian, thus having to deal with the conflicts created by an upbringing that says she will burn in hell for being true to herself, while also insisting she should be true to herself.

What’s especially beautiful is that we see that she is a person, and I would say just a person.  She has the same needs and wants, the same fears and insecurities as anyone else.   But, of course, she also has additional fears, fears of rejection, fears of being the target of violence, which she has been subjected to throughout her life.

This one brought tears to my eyes more than once, but it also brought laughter and joy, and ultimately great admiration for the craftsmanship of this author.  Can’t wait for more!

Here is it.  Read it now!

Readers Reading!



The process of creating Brother Bewitched continues.   After writing an initial draft and receiving feedback, I revised and revised again, making major changes and improvements.  Now, I have found ten readers to read the manuscript pre-publication and offer me their thoughts and feelings.  I will then take all that feedback and make at
least one more revision.

Why am I putting so much work into this manuscript?

I believe in the story and these characters.  Pattenia and Serren both struggle with the same questions we all struggle with:  Should I do what I’m told is right, or what I know is right?  How can I be my authentic self, when the world wants me to be someone else?

Is it possible to be doing good, when laws and customs tell me what I am doing is wrong? To make it more concrete– can I kiss who I want to kiss?  Love who I want to love?

Pattenia has ambition.   She wants to do something that people tell her can’t be done.   But what if those people try and talk her out of going after her dreams because they are too afraid to pursue their own?

The bottom line is that while this story takes places in a fantasy world setting, people in our mundane, everyday world face the same problems as Pattenia and Serren every day, all day.  Many of us have opportunities to step through our own doorways into adventure, but how many of us choose to dream the dream rather than live the dream?

More later.


Brother BeWitched!



I can’t tell you all how excited I am about the upcoming release of my epic YA fantasy novel, Brother BeWitched!  What makes this book different from every other YA fantasy novel written?

Well, we go there.  We do.  And it is fun.

I will be offering teasers and posters and additional content over the next two months leading up to publication, including chances to win free stuff!  So, follow me, check back often and let’s have a blast!