With bloodshot eyes…

… and aching fingers, I write to tell you that the first draft is done!

It was a monumental weekend of writing, and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but at last it is complete.  Now. to sleep and hope the editor elves magically clean up the manuscript while I rest.


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Friday!  Update time!  As I have received a couple requests for updates, here you go!  I expect to finish the first draft this weekend.  I have cleared the decks, so I can spend the next three days focused on writing, and barring something unforeseen– or the story going crazy on me somehow—  I believe I will have the draft done.  Then, a week editing, and maybe– just MAYBE– it will be out sometime in early February.  As promised, I will post when the draft is done, and I will also alert you when the material has been uploaded to Amazon.

I thank everyone for your patience and interest.

I am getting lots of questions about Maxis and Progenita.  My original plan was for the third book to include a clarification of the gods and their roles in the world.  The way things have gone, I am not sure that will happen.  However, if it doesn’t fit into the story, I will post something here, though I want to emphasize what will be revealed will be a “grounds eye view” meaning that it will be knowledge that becomes available to the people of The Shattered isles and not authorial revelations.  Why?  Well, I feel that it is good to keep a little mystery about things!  I do think people will be largely satisfied, if not pleased at the revelations to come.

Many questions will be answered.  Who ends up as King of The Shattered Isles?  How do things end between Serren and Pattenia?  Will Maxis or Progenita rule? What will the third age in The Shattered Isles look like?  All will be answered!


The Apex!

The writing goes well! I don’t know when I will be done, but I will share with you that I have reached the APEX of the story.  For me, that means I am about 2/3 of the way done breaking out what I think of as the essential plot line.  Usually, once I get past the apex, the story winds down fairly rapidly.  The characters are all in play, plotting and scheming as Serren, much to his surprise and chagrin, finds himself preparing for his wedding.

I don’t know how long editing will take.  When I wrote Brother Bewitched, I took my first draft and ended up cutting 10.000 words and then adding 30,000! I still want to go back and rewrite the whole thing sometimes.  So, please remain patient, and if you have any more questions about backstory, ask away.

A reader did ask about how the men originally threw down the hekatin.  I can’t answer that one just yet, as it touches on plot points in Book 3.  However, there are some hints about that in Book 2, if you look carefully.

I do work fast, so don’t despair.  The fate of Serren and the Shattered Isles will be revealed!

Shattered Isles Origins


For those hoping for specific updates like word count or estimated time of completion, please see my response to Chloe.  In the meantime, a reader asked me a backstory question: where did the gender swap spell used to turn Serren into a girl originate?

Here is the story as recorded in the History Hekatania, housed in the secret library of Gaunefer:

It came to pass during the reign of the third King, Erenia, that she did have three sons and no daughters.  When she passed the age of child bearing,  The Coven First grew concerned.  It was known that men, with their anger and their selfishness, were not fit to govern, and it had been passed down by the goddess, herself, the blessed Progenita, that a woman always should guide the kingdom.  Indeed, the King was called in those days also by the title of “Loving Mother,” and it was her duty to care for all her children, that including every person who lived under the sky.

Some blamed Erenia, herself, for her failure to bare a daughter.  They said she must have sinned against the goddess to be so punished.  Others blamed her husband, Juntus.  Talk began to spread among the Council that they should name a new heir to the throne, a worthy girl from one of the other families.

The goddess, though, works in mysterious ways.  Erenia’s eldest son, Devin, had always surprised and delighted his mother.  Even as a child, he had shown great care for his younger siblings, and throughout his young life he’d shown many of the fine qualities of of a girl: he was caring and selfless, brave and courageous.  More, and in this he was not different from other boys, he longed for a girl’s life, and often Erenia had caught him sneaking into her library, reading books of magic meant only for the eyes of young ladies.    Boys, of course, sensing the superiority of the greater sex, often went through such a phase, but with Devin, Erenia saw something different.  He was a boy, but he had all the talents and mental acuity to be a girl– and a king.

Erenia went to the high witch of the hekatin, Neveria, and she asked if there were some way to give her son the gift of girlhood.  Neveria and the greatest witches of the realm, after prayer and consultation, concluded this was the will of the goddess, and they devised a spell, called simply, The Blessing.

Erenia went to her son, Devin, and explained that he was to be honored with a new sex, elevated to female and made the heir to the throne.  Devin resisted.  He wanted the life of a girl, but not to be a girl.  He had fallen in love, in truth, with a young woman, the loveliest girl in all the lands, Allania, and she had even asked for his hand in marriage.  He wept and suffered, but to his mother’s pride, he did what a good girl must, and he accepted that he must place the needs of others before his own.  Devin consented to his mother’s wishes and the wishes of all the kingdom, and on what became known as “Blessing Day” he was transformed into a young woman before the whole kingdom.  No one knew whether the tears the young Devinia shed were those of sorrow or joy.  More than a few noted that his new name meant, “Blessed of the Goddess.”

Devinia threw herself into her new life and duties with the passion and devotion expected of a woman, and as further proof of the will of the goddess, she in her turn bore three strong, brave daughters, as well as two lovely sons.  During her reign, the lands prospered and knew peace.  She was and is known as one of our great Mothers.

Devinia had a happy life, was a good king and loving mother.  It would all have seemed to be a joyous story. Yet, when she died, she asked to be laid to rest next to Allania, her first and true love, the one she had denied herself in order to fulfill her obligations to the kingdom.  Even this, most said, was only proof of her woman’s heart.

Since that time, whenever a young man showed unusual promise and proved himself worthy, or when called upon by the goddess, ‘The Blessing” was used to elevate him to stand among the women, as his merit had shown he deserved.









Working working working…

Hey, folks!  I just want to let everyone know I am writing!  As for when the book will be released, as per my previous post, I am not going to set a date again.  I will make an announcement when the book comes out.  I am doing this to avoid setting people up for disappointment if I say it will be out on such and such a date and then miss my deadline, as I did with the mid-December goal.

It takes time to write a full-length novel!

As for updates, I couldn’t think of anything new, so let me do this.  If you have questions about the Shattered Isles world, ask them.  I will be glad to provide more background.  I don’t want to talk about the plot of Book III.  That must remain a secret.  But I will talk about the world, starting with this:  Rook’s Rock.

One reader pointed out it is not on the map.  That was an oversight.  Rook’s Rock lies across the straights between Ansey Isle and the mainland– it is a port town on the mainland surrounded otherwise by the Fawnea territory.  I will update the map at some point, but as the book described, it is reached via land and did not require a boat trip.  Ansey Isle rises from the ocean as sheer cliffs and lacks a deep water port of its own, meaning larger merchant ships can’t dock directly to the Isle.  Therefore, they dock at Rook’s Rock, and supplies are ferried to the island on schiffs that do not draft deep, so they are able to reach the island.  Because all supplies must be delivered, Ansey Isle is not cut off and the citizens must survive only on what is already there and what little they were able to grow during the summer.

Concern will grow among the citizens, of course, as food grows short, though many feel the bigger concern will be the impending lack of beer!

The Shattered Isles Map

Good day, dear readers and random strangers who may have stumbled upon this page.  Today I share with you the map of The Shattered Isles!  The map indicates which regions or islands are governed by the various royal houses.  Please note that this map is not to scale as a modern map would be.  Even with magic, the people of The Shattered Isles lack the precision of our modern times, so some things may look wrong to the dedicated readers of my novels.  Specifically, Gaunefer is actually the most distant island from the capitol, though it may not appear so on this map.

Meanwhile, I am busily typing away on the third book. If you haven’t read the Brother Bewitched series, why not take a moment and check out a free sample?

Brother Bewitched


Going Dark– release date update

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So, I have been getting many messages from readers interested in the release date for Brother Belligerent.  I had hoped at one point some months ago to have it done by Mid-December.  Well, here we are and it is not done.  My apologies for that.

So, when will it be out?  Truly, I do not know.  I am working on it steadily and will finish it as soon as I can.  However, I learned my lesson, and instead of floating a release time out there and then missing my deadline again, this time I will just assure you that I am working hard.

Once I have finished the manuscript and uploaded it to Amazon, I will post that information here!  Hopefully, the story will be worth the wait.

In related news, I am going dark until the manuscript is done, meaning I am not going to respond to messages or emails.  I do appreciate the messages, and in fact, it was readers reaching out to me that helped me get back on track to writing the book, but I am finding it too much of a distraction right now.  So, if you send a message, please do not be offended if I don’t respond.  It just means I working on the book.

I do hope to write a few more posts on the background/history of the world in the coming weeks leading up to the release of the novel!  Look forward to a map of The Shattered Isles soon!

Thanks, everyone!