And I’m still at it!

Check out my new book! Carrolwood. So, what makes this story different from the others I’ve written? A few things. First, I explore the relationships of my main characters, Carl and Sunni, with their parents. We see how their gender swaps change the family dynamic. Second, and this is rare for me, it includes both a MTF and FTM swap. So, I set out to create something fresh and different.

It’s a rivals to lovers style tale with a gender bender angle and a narrator who’s a lot of fun. Free sample!

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6 thoughts on “And I’m still at it!

    1. Hey, Ryan–Mostly posting stuff to Patreon these days. I have a new series of stories featuring the Justice League, and I am also creating a sequel to Grimmlord, one of my older stories. There also seems to be a new fantasy series percolating in my subconscious!


  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your work & really enjoying it. I wanted to ask—am I right that T. G. Cooper & Taylor Galen Kadee are the same writer? I ask because links from the books/blogs of one (“my blog”, “new book” e.g.) have gone to the other. Plus the similarity in names. If I’ve outed some terrible secret, I apologize! Please delete this comment & let me know at CynthaGP -at- gmail & I won’t do it again! OTOH, if it’s *not* a terrible secret, then I’m wondering what principle you use to publish works under one or the other name. Thanks!


    1. Hey, Cynthia– not a secret! Maybe when I first started using the two names. TG Kadee came about because I had decided to try writing a YA novel, and I wanted to brand it differently from my other writings. That novel was Brother Bewitched. The idea if doing YA has largely faded, but that’s where I will put any PG works I might write still, as I did with Carrolwood.


      1. Thanks! Glad I didn’t accidentally spoil any state secrets or anything. 😊

        While I have you here, let me mentiont hat I did my own (very X-rated) book of gender swap erotica. You can find it on Amazon (including Kindle Unlimited if you have that); it’s called X-Change Roulette. Just in case you like to read the stuff, too. 🙂

        PS: It’s “Cyntha”, no i. A rarer name, but a real one. 🙂

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