What’s Up With Me?

Got a message from a reader asking me what’s next now that The Shattered Isles trilogy is finished.  Good question, and I have given it a little thought to conclude that I don’t know.  I am not sure if it is stress from the whole Covid-19 thing or something else, but I don’t have any ideas right now for more TG Kadee books.

When I started Brother Bewitched, my intention was to create a YA novel that had TG themes.  That idea held true for the first book, though the YA idea faded more and more as I wrote the second and third books.  I think the YA notion vanished for a couple reasons.  The first was that I felt like my readers were, for the most part, not YA readers.  Secondly, my own commitment to the YA idea faded as I just wanted to write the story without feeling constricted by a certain genre.

For now, I don’t think I have anything more to say as TG Kadee.  I just don’t have a single idea that isn’t just rehashing what I’ve already done.  We’ll see.  I have felt “done” before and gotten inspired, so hopefully that will happen.    The one idea I do have is to try again at a YA novel, but this time to hide the gender bending a little.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

9 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me?

  1. There are many new ideas. But since you seem to be a TG writer, that thing needs to be in the center of your story. Perhaps you could do modern day with witches

    There are a few things about your previous story that I would like to know and I hope that you can take time out to answer them.
    The first question is about the Gods. Maxis and Progegina were one. Was that something you knew when you started the story years ago or did that develop in time?

    The second question about the nature of Pattenia. She seeemed much more sympathetic at first. So reluctant to change her brother she almost had to be intimidated into it. Even after deciding when Serren refused to call off her marriage, she still wanted to back out. She seemed pained by her brothers suffering through the first book. Then into the second and third, especially the third she seemed to hate her brother and enjoy her suffering. Was this intended since the first book was written or how did that come about

    THe other question is about actonia. She seemed to help Serren along and be very sympathetic to him in the first book. Then seemed to become a scheming bitch that enjoyed his suffering. But I remember them having a close relationship in the first book. Even making out together
    What happened there


    1. Hey, Ryan– answers.

      1. The idea that they were one and the same developed as I wrote the second book. It’s in keeping with my own feelings about the nature of gender.

      2. As I wrote, I felt like one thing that was happening is that Pattenia’s jealousy grew worse with time. Serren was still more popular and she felt more loved by their mother and Asryn and just about everyone else. Meanwhile, being King resulted in certain groups hating her, so this made her become more and more a negative character as she found that when she got what she wanted, she still didn’t get the love she craved.

      Actonia was always working to push fate in a certain direction. She brought up the idea of turning Serren into a girl…etc… She was fascinated by him and wanted to find out what it would be like to sleep with him …etc… I feel Serren is the one who really changed the relationship when he found out she had the spell to turn him back and was keeping it from him. Ultimately, though, Actonia always wanted to claim the throne she felt belonged to her.


      1. Pattenia had no reason to be jealous. She had everything she ever desired and the love of the people, the loyaity of the army and the hekatin. She was just jealous over her sisters popularity. But she was King, that was so stupid and really showed a weakness in her. But Serren was a warm likable person and Pattenia was cold and cruel.
        I really wish you made her better and then I could accept her as the King. She could have been great to her brother and invited her little sister to be by her side when the time came. But no, she was harsh and cruel to him.

        It really demanded that Serren take his place back when he was strong enough and repaired the damage Pattenia did. Like dispossessing and wiping out the future of every male in the Kingdom with her edict. Feather, the war she caused. There is so much. I would have loved to see Serren claim the throne and rule as a kind and just man. And be a loving father to his children. He could have proven he was strong and just. That never happened.
        He just suffered and seemed like he was crushed in the end. He was a good mother and the virgin mother to the Kingdom. BUt she reigned as King and he had no more ambitions to rule, or even to fight. thats just sad.
        I wish I knew why you wrote such an ending


    1. I am working on a commission right now, and then I have gotten really excited about trying something in a new medium– video! I am working on the scripts for a series of webisodes about a guy who gets transformed into a girl– the show will then be his video diary as he tries to deal with his transformation. Kind of a darker version of The Beauty Inside. I haven’t been this excited about a project in awhile, so I think the challenge of working in a new medium is good.


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