Brother Belligerent now available through LULU! 20% off Paperback! Amazon also now available!



Readers!  I have great news!  Brother Belligerent is now available in both ebook AND Paperback format from LULU!  I got sick of waiting for Amazon and just did it!

Lulu ebook:

Lulu Paperback!:

Ta da!  I am so happy with Lulu’s awesome speed and service, I am offering the paperback at 20% off for the rest of the month of February!  

The paperback will eventually be available via Amazon for those of you who prefer the Amazon experience!  I will post a link when it clears there! I am just waiting on them at this point!


Here is the Paperback Amazon Link:

22 thoughts on “Brother Belligerent now available through LULU! 20% off Paperback! Amazon also now available!

  1. So what is your next big project
    And have you been getting good responses from this stories conclusion
    I must admit I liked serrens development and evolution. I loved it but was unhappy with pattenias reign in the end. I was hoping she would fall
    Especially after trying to steal the kids. And what she did with feather
    I was hoping for Queen serrenina. She earned it


    1. I don’t know what my next big project is. I am working on some commissions right now that will be under the TG Cooper brand. I have thought about another Kadee book where the gender bending is more subtle, so we’ll see. Thanks for the comment.


      1. It was the shortest. It seemed rushed in the end. It looked like you wanted to get it done
        I think you could have made explained some of the loose ends better and punished pattenia better. Not hurt her but make sure she still looks up to and has to follow serren. And the people hate her
        She is a figurehead under serren. He has the real Power

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    1. im sorry. Pattenia was just going way too far and in the end, she proved she was the one unfit to be King. She was more immature than Serren
      Sarren had matured into a responsible and caring woman.
      Pattenia was still a spiteful immature child lashing out at everyone
      why cant you see this?


  2. Well I do feel cheated after reading the heart stoping conclusion. He did beat his sister but didnt claim the crown in the end. I understand not wanting it anymore. But thats the best. He doesnt seek power over others anymore. He is happy with his family. But
    I dont feel that Pattenia got what was coming. She kept the crown and didnt pay for the horrifyingly evil things she did to everyone. She proved to be childish spitful and cruel. How can the Goddess still favor her after all of this.
    The people should nave turned on her. The nobles should have demanded she step down and give her brother the crown. The Malnaes, Fawnaes Onsays all should have. Even Wensae should have after supporting her this long. The Goddess herself should have demanded that Serren get the crown after making him suffer and grow. That should have been the reward. He grew, learned and he was now ready. And the Kingdom needed a real king that can really inspire loyalty and love.
    Im really sorry you are disappointed by the reviews you received. I can see the disappointment.
    Serren was cheated, dismissed, sidelined, abused, assaulted, then forced to give birth and all of this. He has still proved he is great, he inspired fanatical loyalty from everybody and has grown into a great powerful woman
    and all he wants is to “Be a mommy.”
    What a letdown. I can understand but still, he is bigger and stronger than his sister and proved it. The crown should have gone to him in the end. I really hope you rewrite this some time in the future and correct this mistake.


  3. I wonder what your next project is
    I read coopers book and I liked the 50s sit com book you wrote. But I wonder what TG Kadees next big project is
    Personally, I liked this project very well but I agree with the general consensus that I hoped for more for Serren after everything he went through and what his sister inflicted on him. I am glad he got everything anyone could ever desire. His own children, a wife, a family, love and everything and his sister didnt get any of that and started realizing what she didnt have.
    But the one thing she did want, massive political power and an indisputable voice is something I wish was taken from her, and I wish she was exposed and hated. Her power should have been given to Serren.

    Pattenia seeked political power over Serren and had it, and abused it. It should have been taken from her in the end and Serren rose above her. She was horrible and abusive. But, it was still pretty good. I just wish Serren got to be King

    How ever, its over now. Thats how I feel and I wonder what will be your new big project now


    1. I don’t know what’s next for TG Kadee. I don’t have any ideas. The original idea was to do more YA.mainstreamy stuff, but I am not sure that will ever play out. So, we’ll see. For now, I am writing more 50s sitcom stuff, and then we’ll see what happens.


      1. I dont know about you trying mainstream stuff. What you are known for here and what you already did. I doubt it would go well but if you have a good idea, you can try. If you do it well then it would probably would do well

        Just, if you have an evil character that humiliates and abuses the hero to an extreme then she cant succeed, He or she is expected to fail and pay for what she did with her future, or even her very life

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  4. Jennifer, it’s erin. we talk often at bcts. anyways I dunno how else to reach you atm FM & BCTS is blocked at the shopping center ugh & because of this ‘virus’ cp whatever nonsense all the libraries are closed until at the least april 5th! so I am letting you know hunny I will try to get back to you asap. Usually I wouldn’t do it this way but need me, could use your email too if possible. just send it here & as I guess you are using a name possibly diffferent then your email please let me know who it is in the email hunny: thanks so much & sorry if it annoying or whatever to anyone, but I could think of no other means to communicate this, so please I hope others understand as well ❤ talk soon hunny


  5. you should try to leave us some updates every few weeks at least to tell us how you are doing, what you are doing and what your plans may be in the future to keep up with your fans. I just hope your next project doesn’t leave a cruel and sadistic villain in power over everyone


    1. You arent feeling inspired? Is it the dismal response to your latest full length novel? I am sorry but I agree with the criticism on it. Serren being hapy in the end and Patt being unhappy with her life just doesn’t seem enough after everything he suffered at Patts hands. He really should have rose above her and proved he can be a competent king in the end. I really wanted him to regain the crown. He matured and grew, she didn’t. He deserved it much more. That really ruined it


      1. I also wanted to see her fail in the end showing she wasnt as good as she thought she would be just because she was older.


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