Just a few more hours to go until the big Valentines Day drop!  I am so excited I don’t know if I will be able to sleep until I check Amazon and see it is released!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, and I would love to hear back from you as you finish the book!  Please take the time to write a review!

Also, once the book has been out for a few weeks, I will be taking a pole regarding the fate of a certain character!  Based on your feedback, I will release a short story detailing that character’s fate, so stay tuned!

Here are the links!


United States      United Kingdom       Germany      France      Italy    Spain

Canada    Australia     Japan     India      Netherlands        Mexico     Brazil


23 thoughts on “JUST A FEW MORE HOURS!

  1. did you change the cover? That must be the back. wonder why we didnt see the back in any of the ebooks? I will get the paperback this time.
    I am also excited and I wonder who this other character you are referring to is? Pattenea, no I am guessing Actonia. She is a central character in the whole thing but once her deception and her motives are exposed I am sure she will have a lot to answer for and her power over the Kingdom will be diminished


    1. It has been released in some countries and not others, specifically the US. I am so frustrated. Meanwhile, they keep sending different excuses as to why they can’t publish the paperback, which is also currently locked so I can’t make any changes anyway. I am so sorry and i wish i could make this right, but for now all I can do is email them and hope they can stop screwing this whole thing up.


      1. I don’t know what to tell you. Amazon has screwed this all up and apparently people who pre-ordered the book aren’t getting it. I am sick and feel like smashing my head into a wall. This whole thing is a disaster. I have no answers. I just sent them a couple emails in hopes of getting some answers, but I truly have no idea what’s going on or how long this will take.


      2. at least we can read the Kindle version so theres that. The paperback will get solved soon. I am sure.
        try not to get so fustrated. I am sure we will get to order the books soon


      3. Okay I thought I wanted to ask ahead of time if the paperback Would come out in a few hours or a day But I’ll just get the Kindle And by the book later on. Thank you for Giving me the advice.


  2. Looks like if you are in the US it will not release until 12-1:00am pacific time. its like 10pm Feb 13 at the time of this comment in california


      1. Yeah she did get worse and worse. She should have been overthrown by Serren in the end. Wanting a monster like that in power really brings the goddess into question. Does she want a reign of terror like Stalin over the land

        any news on when the paperback will be available


      2. I made the adjustments they suggested and resubmitted it. It’s currently in review, so it could be available any minute, or they could find yet another “concern”and kick it back to me. I am hoping it clears, and I will post an announcement as soon as it does!


      3. The first issue was they said the description wasn’t long enough. So, I added more words. Then, they said some of the text on the cover might get cut off (the edges of the words Brother Belligerent). I told them I thought that would look cool, but they insisted I change it, so i did that. Meanwhile, the book was locked after the first change so i had to wait a day and a half before i could even try and fix the cover issue!


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