How about this cover?

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18 thoughts on “How about this cover?

  1. I like it better. But there seems to be some significant changes to the cover but I like them more. Where there was a large bug like creature hovering over the image of the bride and the mother with her baby, I am assuming both are Serren. I think signifying the threat of a marriage with the bug boy Rhuntek Is now the image of a glowing woman under the moon, I am assuming thats the Goddess Danis and I like it more

    The image of the mother and the child is on the lower left corner and on the upper left is an image of a hooded man with a sword. Who might that be, I don’t know. We will have to see
    and I am guessing hes replacing the image of the troll with horns. And the background color is changed from purple to deep red.
    In all, I think its a better cover
    I can hardly wait to finally read it all


    1. Thanks for the feedback. The horned troll, alas, did not make the cut, so it made sense to remove him from the cover. The bug just looked weird to me– all the rest are rectangles, so they could almost be playing cards, but the bug was just a bug!


      1. it was just a bug, but not everything has to be in its own little rectangle image. It was hovering over everything like some looming threat. I assumed that was its intention
        But I like what replaced it. I have another suggestion. I like it more because I am assuming the goddess will play a much greater role in this novel. So I think that image should be more prominent above them all. It should be more imposing over the rest of the images
        and I love that picture

        perhaps that should be above Serrens head and more imposing over his head. The Goddess and the Moon
        and the rest of the pictures should be lowered below them
        Thats just my opinion


  2. I think I also prefer this one
    The red does signify a coming danger and a fight thats been coming a long time. I just hope its a good one
    and I really hope Sarren punishes Pattenea big time. I hope she suffers his wrath big time. I still hope they get along in the end but shes done so much to him
    I hope he gives a little in return, or gives a lot, something she will never forget as long as she lives


    1. I think I agree. Pattenea should be taught a life altering lessons that she should never recover from or forget. Something harsh and unforgiving. I really hope there is one coming to her
      I think she may have pissed off a lot of your readers. I know I read some of her thoughts with barely controlled fury and boiling off pints of my blood steaming from the top of my head lol.
      Shes such a horrible bitch


      1. I had a feeling that she would do something much worse in this book. Shes been so horrible why does she need to get worse
        Well I cant imagine her getting worse with nothing from Serrens end. I hope he does something horrible to her in return
        Something that she wont ever forget


      2. Thats very sad that she gets worse but I think you told me that before. And thats very troubling and sad. You see, you made her the vessel of the Goddess and the very inspiration for this entire thing. So when she does horrible and cruel things, it isnt just her. Its the will of the Goddess thats behind it all and it reflects very badly on the Goddess when she made such a cruel heartless girl to be her vessel. It brings her judgment into question
        why did you do this exspecially when she claims to be so much better and more mature when shes really not. Shes petty and cruel. And is the Vessel of the Goddess and the one prophesied to be King.
        Either the Goddess made a horrifying error, or the goddess is cold and cruel herself.

        The Goddess could have chose Serren He was a great kid before. Sure he teased his sister but he was never cruel to people and thats why he was so popular. He would have made a great choice to become the vessel of the Goddess and would have been such a kick in the ass for the entire hekatin and Actonia to find out the vessel was a boy and it was their job to work on him to prepare him for his role
        but no, it was pattenea, such a cruel mean spirited girl
        and for no other reason than she was a girl. Her mentality made no difference at all


  3. I love the cover. Its perfect. And I like that we see more of Serrenina on this one. The multiple images of Pattenea on the previous books cover irked me and I hated it, because I hate her. It seems many readers hate her. That really bothers me Cooper.
    I wonder how they are going to repair their relationship and I feel what ever you do there may seemed forced for the plot. I think if you wanted their to be a brother sister reconsideration in the end you should have wrote her to be kinder and more understanding of her brothers feelings. But shes been hateful and you said shes going to hurt him even more

    I seen fractured brother and sister relationships that deal with abuse type situations. The brother or sister abused or molested the other, or a situation where a parental figure invited another that did it and the other siblings led to it. They are never repaired. The relationship is fractured for ever. The sibling never forgives the other theres hostility for the rest of their life

    I think it would be the same here and this situation did lead to Serren being sexually assaulted. And the transition itself was such an uncaring and brutal violation that led to the sister getting everything while Serren lost everything
    I dont think they would ever realistically reconcile. Serren would want to murder her and probably would
    But I will read and hope it doesn’t look forced. Ive been wrong before
    but I fear it will look forced as it was in the end of the first book where Serren flat out forgives her only to still harbor so much resentment in the second book and then start lashing out


    1. I do feel in retrospect the ending of Book I was forced. If I could do it all over again I would not end it that way. it was an attempt to make a happy ending that didn’t really make sense! I do believe the ending to Book III is more “true.”


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