Brother Belligerent Presale!


Brother Belligerent, the shocking conclusion to The Shattered Isles Saga is now available for pre-order with a Valentine’s Day release date!  Yes, the stunning conclusion to the most brutal sibling rivalry ever recorded comes to its shocking conclusion!

Coming in at over 80,000 words, this is a fully developed novel.

One note!  Amazon does not make paperback books available for pre-order.  If you are planning to the buy the paperback, you should wait until it goes live.  I will submit it right around February 14th, so depending on Amazon it will be available that day or soon after.

Here are the links!


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10 thoughts on “Brother Belligerent Presale!

  1. royal sibling rivalrys tend to become some of the most vicious and sad.
    Look at Timijuns brothers
    or charlemagne brother. His brother was allowed to live as longa s his mother was there but when she passed
    Charlemanges brother vanished and no one really knows where he went or what happened. Just that Charlemange was allowed to take his brothers country and unite them into the Frankish empire.

    but im not even sure if this really qualifies as a sibling rivalry. pattenea is embittered and vengful. Not really Serren, he just wants peace but he also wants to be respected and hes not. but so far the hostility is only going one way here. Its all his sister being unimaginably cruel to him but he wants his sisters love. Its its sister who hates him but shes pushing this conflict

    preordering paperback or physical copies of the books would be a lot harder to arrange. I can see that becoming a nightmare

    by the way, I tend to think your brother Beligeriant background color should have been a dark reddish hue instead of purple to signify the conflict


      1. That may be a good idea, but we can see how it looks. Or you will but I hope you let us see it
        I mean, the title is Brother Belligerent. Its clear thats the core of the book and its conflict. Hes had enough of her abuse and now has the power and the means to fight it. He will no longer be dismissed or abused without a cost.
        Its not romance. Romance may be involved but its not really the core issue of the book.
        Or if it is, you need to rethink the title.

        The first book had an orangeish hue
        The second was black. I guess that signifies his total defeat and despair, and perhaps his growing anger
        I think this was should be a bright or dark red
        I do hope later, you consider writing Divieas tale.
        r make the write a whole book about the great war from its spark and beginning


      1. You mean here
        Yes I liked it all
        But I thought you said you would post a large exert about the great war on genderfluidnees
        Maybe I was wrong


  2. I really really seriously hope pattenia suffers by for what she did
    I reread the previous books and understand she felt sidelined and unloved
    But it’s no excuse
    What she did in transforming her life and suffering to her brother and wrecking his life only confirmed her father made the right decision and she is a bitter cruel girl. She could love and protected him but he made the best of it
    She better suffer a lot in this book


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