A delightful update!

Great news!  The amazing Selkie, who editing the first two books, has agreed to edit BB3!  This is really great because not only does Selkie clean up my word splatter style of writing, but also helps me clear up and improve scenes.  Both of the first two books were better thanks to Selkie’s input, and I am thrilled to have help with the final one.

I also want to thank all the readers, especially those who posted here, wrote reviews and sent me emails.  Your passion for the story helped motivate me to keep writing, and I am putting this last book out as a gift to all of you!

I am confident I will meet the Valentine’s Day deadline, and if I can make it work, I will also make the book available for pre-order this week.  Haven’t done that before, so I can’t promise, but I am looking into it!

26 thoughts on “A delightful update!

  1. slavery, there wasnt any slavery in the first two so why the third?
    There was some references to slavery under the reign of the hekatin and the goddess. The first Denae King being sold to the temple and forced to remain a virgin. And something about a war but not much else and those were just passing references

    But, this is wonderful news and I hoped you would be able to get the editor that helped you before to help you again. I hope you can make the deadline this time.


    1. Deadline what are you talkin about? I I just ask because the minister who wanted to take the throne from the sister and said he was going to sell his brother to slavery after some time with him.


  2. The last part was to TG Kadee about his fed deadline. Sorry Joseph

    I had totally forgot about Apollon and his intention to have Serrenina sold into slavery if his plot against Pattenea succeeded. Thank you
    I am not sure about it now, they are really no longer an issue but Lady Ansay and her people do have a plot, and Appollon is involved so I guess the slavery could still become an issue


    1. You’re welcome to remind you about your great work even slavery maybe a option in I do love Redemption if any what does I hope they earned their freedom.


  3. perhaps it was there for a reason and we will see an expedition to free the slaves held by those people in book three. I hope it is led by Serreninina since im sick of Pattenea getting all of the military victories


  4. yey this is so great. I know you could have did it yourself but since Selkie did succeed in helping you with the other books this is so right. I was hoping Selkie could help you edit the final book in the series. I know if she helps you that it will be great.
    I just wonder why she was reluctant
    and I still hope you go thjrough your second edit and find places where you missed or needed more added before you send it


  5. I am curious about what Progegnita thinks of Serren and her opinion on him. It seems like it couldnt be much since she lead to his downfall and removal from power. But it seems theres hope
    We know what Maxis thinks, he thinks serren is unworthy for what happened. You confirmed Maxis is an idiot
    but what does the Goddess think about Serren


      1. I figured. I hoped that the goddess’s motivation wouldnt be a trade secret but I it must be a big part of the plot that will be revealed in du time. Damn
        so many questions and very few answers its so annoying. At least we have a time frame now and we knmow when it will likely be released. It is finished, isnt it? Your friend is editing it or are you still preparing it for him

        I was hoping you woudl go over it once more before sending it in for editing


      1. I’m also happy You have a release date for Valentine’s Day When are you going to start Asking people to pre-order on Amazon?


      2. I have set up the pre-order and am waiting for Amazon now. However, Amazon does not do pre-orders for the paperback version, so i will create and post that as close to Valentne’s Day as I can. Anyone wanting the Paper back should wait and order it once it becomes available, as it will come with a free e-version.


      3. Oh well. But when you say in two days You mean the paperback will be able to be pre-ordered tomorrow. Or on the day the digital comes out? And are you sure You can’t give me any little spoiler at all?


      4. No spoilers! Sorry. I.think it will be more fun. If you are open to surptise. The paperback.should be available on.The 14th. If it drops tomorrow I don’t think you will.be able.to get the kindle included until the 14th


      5. So basically You’re saying if I want the book in the Kindle book at the same time for one price I have to wait till The day after it comes out Correct? Or I could you send me one by gmail?


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