With bloodshot eyes…

… and aching fingers, I write to tell you that the first draft is done!

It was a monumental weekend of writing, and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but at last it is complete.  Now. to sleep and hope the editor elves magically clean up the manuscript while I rest.

17 thoughts on “With bloodshot eyes…

  1. yey im so happy. But the editing part is much easier
    probably several weeks or maybe more for that part.
    How long did it really take you to write the first draft, from when you first began writing it after your health scare


    1. Great question. I don’t remember! I guess I really started to grind at the beginning of September, so it took about 5 months. It looks like it will be about 80,000 words, so that’s not too bad. I have written faster!


      1. Thats very good progress. Theres finally light at the end of this tunnel and I am tired of the answer “You’ll see” Or “Wait for it” or “We will see.” We may finally get it in around a week. It’s been so frustrating

        And for me the first books were very frustrating. For me, Serren was totally innocent. He was a teenage boy who was blamed for being young and for his attitude. But it was an attitutde drilled in him since early childhood by the priests, maxis and the temple. But because of all of that and the Goddess, he had everything ripped from him and then subjected to suffering. But under that attitude and his teachings was a good compassionate boy who could have grown into a good man. But it isnt allowed to
        If it was me, I would be seething with anger. I would hate the priests for leading into it all, and I woudl hate the goddess and those women for blaming me and making me a sacrifice over things I had no control over and I wouldnt forgive him.

        But thats the difference here. Thats me and im sort of vengeful. Serren is great, he fully understood and forgive his sister and is still striving for a relationship and her respect. Her arrogance is leading them into a confrontation. Now its her attitude. Its no longer his attitude in question. But from the way I see it, shes showen herself so much worse than him
        What ever he did, was bad but caused no long lasting harm. they were just words. Well except for that thing with Rose Bucket but even that can be overlooked. She was so passive and said nothing and he wasnt that type of boy. Pytt is, but Not serren. So if he knew she really didnt want sex, then he would have backed off. But she said nothing and his teachings taught him that was what all women were for and how to treat them. But he didnt meant ot hurt her and she even forgave him. I wish you didnt put that in the book. Not that I object to rape and such being in books, but that Serren isnt that kind of boy. Thats something pytt would do,


      2. Serren didn’t understand the concept of power dynamics, and the way someone in his position could be taking advantage of a girl who seemed to be consenting simply due to his position. It was not right, of course.


      3. I am glad you agree. I wonder if Pattenea will suffer the same consequences for using her power to pressure someone into a sexual relationship with her
        Serren suffered horribly. He ended up facing her vengful mother who was out to inflict pain and humiliation on him and she delighted in it. Even through he didnt really understand and didnt intend to hurt herand didnt even know she didnt want him. Stone was horrible and sadistic toward him for what he did to her daughter
        So will pattenea suffer likewise for forcing asyrn into a sexual relationship he has stated he doesnt want multipule times
        Suffer his fathers wrath for what she did to him
        I doubt it. It seems the suffering only goes one way in this story
        One of my favoriate scenes is between Rose and Serren near the end when he apologizes and explains to her and they have a good heart to heart talk. I love that scene. He has rgown immensely. Pattenea, not at all. She is like Serren was
        She sucks I just cant stand her hypocrisy and brutality
        Serren coud be like Devenia now


  2. This is such great news. thank you for your efforts . I can hardly wait to finally see Serrenina fighting them and doing some damage on her own after everything she has suffered from them for no other reason than she was born male, and was the Gerrks male heir.
    But I know she will suffer a lot more in this chapter so it will probably be even more painful than the previous books to read, but at least she will grow stronger, and return the pain to them
    I hope to see her strick at her sister for this and prove to Pattenea that she was wrong


    1. only a few more weeks and we will finally have the answers. I can hardly wait.
      we hope only a few more weeks
      I hope Pattenea suffers what she did to Serren and has to watch as everything is taken from her the way it was taken from Serren


  3. I will be so glad to finally read the conclusion of this very sad and frustrating tale of yours. You are an extremely talented writer and evidence of that is the emotions it brought out in me during the reading. The despair and suffering of Serren was felt. It made me so sad for him

    I really hope to read some very serious payback and painful consequences for Pattenia for her behavior. It was so wrong and frustrating to read about her, her justifications and Serrens suffering and he was unable to recover anything so far. He couldn’t even fight it. He finally stood up to his mother once, but thats it. he is kissing her ass the rest of the time but I understand he didn’t want her to suspect his real feelings, or real motives for studying the Hekatin arts. Has she known she may have taken action to prevent it. But, later on I did hope to see him standing up to her. I did like his outburst

    Now, I hope he repays pattenea. Its frustrating how he bows and respects her. And your justification is also just as frustrating. You say its sibling rivalry and she feels resentment at him for things. But so what
    So if I feel resentment at someone, does that justify me destroying their life, violating them in every way possible and stealing their entire future, their aspirations and dreams away
    No of course not and if I did that, It would reveal me to be a horrifying monstrous villain and there would be no justification for what I did. I would be expected to pay a serious price for what I did. Any explanation for my actions would be considered total bullshit.

    And any supposed moral or ethecial superiority she is claiming to be more mature goes right down the drain.
    But, shes older, but he would reach maturity too if he was given la few more years. So their judgment is very unfair. Hes 16 and she is 18. He will mature by then but he was given no chance. But she proved to be as childish as he was. Especially as King, she should be above all of that but proved she wasnt. She proved to be illsuited for the crown. But now, hes proven to be very suited. He reformed his outlook on everything. I hope he kills her..

    But every part of the book that described pattenaas success as king, her victory over him and her success was nearly unreadable. I hate reading about a sadistic villain boasting about their victory over their victim
    she needs to pay a horrible price for her crime
    he was nothing more than a sacrifice to the goddess


  4. I meant you should put the story up for preorder so we can order it now, and it will be immediately avabile and download when you release it.
    And can you give us some sort of update on how much you edited this weekend and how far you are,


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