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Friday!  Update time!  As I have received a couple requests for updates, here you go!  I expect to finish the first draft this weekend.  I have cleared the decks, so I can spend the next three days focused on writing, and barring something unforeseen– or the story going crazy on me somehow—  I believe I will have the draft done.  Then, a week editing, and maybe– just MAYBE– it will be out sometime in early February.  As promised, I will post when the draft is done, and I will also alert you when the material has been uploaded to Amazon.

I thank everyone for your patience and interest.

I am getting lots of questions about Maxis and Progenita.  My original plan was for the third book to include a clarification of the gods and their roles in the world.  The way things have gone, I am not sure that will happen.  However, if it doesn’t fit into the story, I will post something here, though I want to emphasize what will be revealed will be a “grounds eye view” meaning that it will be knowledge that becomes available to the people of The Shattered isles and not authorial revelations.  Why?  Well, I feel that it is good to keep a little mystery about things!  I do think people will be largely satisfied, if not pleased at the revelations to come.

Many questions will be answered.  Who ends up as King of The Shattered Isles?  How do things end between Serren and Pattenia?  Will Maxis or Progenita rule? What will the third age in The Shattered Isles look like?  All will be answered!


18 thoughts on “Update!

  1. what will the third age look like
    its all dependent on a few big things. Will they listen to Serren and will he get the power the make them listen
    If they dont listen to him and if he doesn’t get the power over them to make them listen
    Then they will fail. They may geta very short lived third age of women rule but it will only be tolerated for a few years to decades and then it will burn and Maxis will regain his power over them
    at least thats my guess

    I had hoped that the third age would be a cooperation between maxis and Progenita together but you ruined that letting me know that what the Hekatin think of Maxis is corrupt. He is a brutal misogynist just as portrayed by them. So oh well
    only you have the answers and lets hope everything works well this time. I really can hardly wait for it all
    but you will probably need more than a week for editing. Dont rush it. We waited so long, so making wait longer to make it perfect isnt too much to ask


  2. I still hope that Serren regains the crown that was stolen from him. I really hope he does end as the King, Not pattenea. I just hate her so much
    but if he ends as some very powerful agent of Progenita that even the King must listen to and respect. And he controls the hekatin to reform them then I think I can accept that
    as long as he also controls armies and gets to fight. It seems that was all he wanted to do and being deprived of the ability and authority to fight and lead troops was the most painful of all

    but, Pattenea has been so cruel and malicious toward Serren that I really doubt I can accept any reconciliation between patinea and Serren, or any redemption arc for her. but thats me
    Serren forgave her in the first book. He will have to fight her for her respect and thats coming. So if she reconciles for seerren and they recover, fine. But, I stilll doubt I can accept her reconciliation. Shes went way too far


  3. But I forgot to say YEY YEY im so happy. This wait has been so agonizing since early october when you said you were working full speed and wouild have it all done by mid December and it came around and you announced you were going to be unable to meet that. You could have it it worked out but you had written yourself into a corner and had to rewrite it. Did you have to rewrite the whole damn thing or just a big part of it
    either way, you were having writers block and had to go back and rewrite so you couldnt meet that deadline. And we been waiting every since and I understand those things happen. It still doesnt make the wait for a final conclusion any easier. Serrens been so mistreated, abused, sidelined and considered someone of little importance and irrelevant. As his sister takes everything he was promised and hes living in her shadow and she becomes the scared warhero and shes still unhappy lol. She got everything she want at his lifes expense
    and then he becomes pregnant somehow. I suspect rape by Zakister because of the slight foreshadowing and images he has of undressing under his leering eyes. But we will see if thats a true vision or false. I suspect true he enchanted Serren and seduced him.
    so here we are again and you are days away. I think you will make this deadline. Unlike last time, you are nearly done and the main conflict is over and you are writing a final conclusion to the characters. Theres little, what will they do, what would they do here. Their conflict is over and they have, or are reconciling and moving forward. So this part is easy and will flow much easier unless there is something coming up that you didnt see before. But it shouldn’t.

    but then the editing which may take longer than you anticipated. We hope nothing comes up that you didnt se before. It shoudn’t but take your time editing and really consider everything. Don’t rush it just to make your deadline we are all waiting for.
    The most important thing is that this final conclusion is awesome.
    But I am looking forward to finally seeing serren fight and kick some ass. Hes spent the past two books getting his ass kicked and outmaneuvered by his sister and the hekatin. And its pissed me off
    and you revealed that the hekatin are corrupt and selv serving. They are not following the goddess. They are what caused their own downfall in the first place and are on the same road again.


    1. That’s not surprising. A writer often does make a poor editor. The creative mind that allows writers to create these worlds often does not translate well to a good editor. You can do your best and go through your book several times. And make great progress with cleaning it up and expanding on parts or removing what is unnecessary. But there are still things you will miss.
      thats’ why many writers get editors to help them. Someone that isn’t so emotionally invested in it to take a harsh critical eye to the manuscript and go though it all
      But, if you cant find someone to do it for you, self publishers don’t have many options unless you want to shell out a few thousand for a professional copy-editor.
      but you don’t have that so you do what you must


  4. Thank you for the comment the news of your book being almost half done I love your work about fairy tales Prince become princesses Kings become Queens I look forward to the third book. Hey… a thought just occurred to me will the goddess be in a third book God as well her husband?


    1. TG Kadee put enough hints that the Goddess would indeed be in the next book. Its a good bet that the Goddess is released from her tomb and restored to the land ending in a glorious new third age. How it all happens is the big question
      But, he also hinted about magic in that post and the miracles someone of merti can call from the Goddess. Perhaps thats Serren but it will be seen how that comes into effect
      But I hope it is Serren that is able to call on miracles
      but its almost certain that the Goddess will be in the third book. Perhaps in person
      Serren will be suffering so much perhaps only a divine inspiration and love will help him
      a boy turned, then abused, deprived of everything and then assaulted and going through a pregnancy
      yes indeed he will need divine love
      hes not getting any from his family


  5. Oh I forgot to ask a question what rating would this book be will there be sex and how many women will be pregnant and will the evil queen son would be turned into a woman or something else? Sorry for asking so many questions….


    1. so many questions and no answers. its fustrating isnt it. He needs to stop teasing us and just release the damn book.
      but rhunteck isnt a bad guy. Hes just misteated but he may turn bad. but hes being used as a pawn nothing more
      much like serren was when he was removed from the board but he will return with a vengence
      perhaps rhuntek would find like as a female more fulfilling but I doubt the blessing will be bestowed on him
      the hekatin will find bestowing it on Serren was a mistake
      At least I hope so but, it was the will of the goddess herself. She sent those horrifying visions
      but it wont end as they watned. The Goddess has other intentions for serren
      cant wait to see how it goes


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