The Apex!

The writing goes well! I don’t know when I will be done, but I will share with you that I have reached the APEX of the story.  For me, that means I am about 2/3 of the way done breaking out what I think of as the essential plot line.  Usually, once I get past the apex, the story winds down fairly rapidly.  The characters are all in play, plotting and scheming as Serren, much to his surprise and chagrin, finds himself preparing for his wedding.

I don’t know how long editing will take.  When I wrote Brother Bewitched, I took my first draft and ended up cutting 10.000 words and then adding 30,000! I still want to go back and rewrite the whole thing sometimes.  So, please remain patient, and if you have any more questions about backstory, ask away.

A reader did ask about how the men originally threw down the hekatin.  I can’t answer that one just yet, as it touches on plot points in Book 3.  However, there are some hints about that in Book 2, if you look carefully.

I do work fast, so don’t despair.  The fate of Serren and the Shattered Isles will be revealed!

20 thoughts on “The Apex!

  1. this is great news. I wonder how you would rewrite the entire thing if you wanted to
    I am so happy to hear you are two thirds of the way.
    But Serren is surprised and Chagrin for his upcoming wedding. I hope he isn’t allowing his sister to force him into one
    if it was totally his will then I assum it wouldn’t be such a surprise if the husband offered his hand and she accepted
    but if it was totally forced against his will it would probably be more than surprise. It would be fear and anger like Pattenea was feeling when her father was forcing her
    so im not sure whats going on
    but it still doesn’t sound very good
    personally, I wonder why he didn’t fight for the right to marry Nemeria. Just because his power hungry cruel sister changed his sex and stole his future shouldn’t mean he couldn’t end up with the woman he was meant to be with
    and if this is a new world order where women get to determine their fate finally, why not
    because society isn’t ready
    well it wasn’t ready for a girl king, or a prince being transformed, or any of this so why not two women in love marrying
    they should marry


  2. I think that I have enjoyed the story but there are some serious problems that I have and I think I will continue to have with the tale. And it seems very clear that Serren will remain female, whether its his own choice or he is prevented from restoring himself is a question for the story to answer. I hope it isnt forced but, we will see
    How ever I think that the assumption is that being female is better and that he can find happyness being female is a mistaken assumption within the story.
    and I know this. I know Transgender people and they are great. But being in the wrong sex is total agoney that they cant accept until it is corrected
    Serren was happy as male, thats his identity and it was stolen and he is forced itno a female body. Theres no way he could ever find happiness in it. It would be anguish that would eventually lead to his suicide. I know that for a fact and for proof of this, just research trans peoples suicide and why they do it
    He would have to be restored male or he would rather die to end the agony that has been forced on him. He could never adapt. and theres no way he could ever adapt to a pregnancy. No. .That would drive him right into a grave, or a in a crypt beside his father.
    now, if our author had shown some signs that he longed for a female life and thats why he taunted his sister. He desired her beauty and her life so much that drove him to be an ass. Then I could believe he could adapt to a female life and find happyness in it. But our author showed no sign. In fact, we saw that being female was agonry that drove him to want to die. Those feelings wouldn’t go away, they would persist and grow until he lost his will to remain living. Thats how the tale would end and I know this beyond all doubt. I know from trans people in my life
    and one of the trans women identity pattenea with her own sister who was very cruel and tormented and abused her for her desire to be female. My friends sister was horrifying cruel to her

    So, I think if Pattenea remains in charge, it will seem like she is being rewarded for what she inflicted on her own brother. And thats reality, many abusers get away with it. Thats life and this is fiction
    I read fiction to escape the horrors of relaity where abusers often find loopholes to escape justice. I want to see the abusers and sadists punished for their deeds. I wanted to see Pattenea stripped of her position and shamed for what she did, and for Serren to be restored as King
    I wont get that and I feel very conflicted and troubled. I just hope she pays something for what she inflicted on Serren and that something better be very harsh and very painful and I doubt I will continue to read it. I will just delete the it and quite and leave a nasty review


    1. and I forgot to mention that I think the character I hate the worst here is Aanya, Serrens own mother. She pushed her daughter to help transform Serren all over her faith in the goddess. Thats her reason and its unforgivable. She betrayed and abused her son. She is a child abuser here. Now you may want to root for her and she claims it tormented her but she still did it and it really didn’t. Her sons agony didn’t affect her, or she would help him restore himself which is fully within her power. But she didn’t, and did nothing to help her son in any way.

      If you think its justified then lets look at another example. This is fiction but lets consider a modern day queen of a small nation. By some surprise, a queen rose and seized power and she is a female supremacist and believes in a female supremacist religion.. She believes her goddess wants her to transform her teenage son. And in order to protect her status, she has a teenage son set to inherit the throne.
      so she conspires to transform him and hires doctors to inject him with female hormones and began forcible HRT on him for several years while hes forced to adapt to a female life
      Then hes forcibly subjected to SRS
      Woiuld any of you defend this mother or want her to face justice for what she inflicted on her son
      if she is arrested and brought to trial, would you defend her actions against her boy, or hate her
      Thats how I feel about Aanya. She is a monster in my eyes
      im sorry if my words hurt, but thats really how I feel
      sorry for ranting here.


  3. finally im so happy. I can hardly wait to see how it all ends. I hope Serren gets lots of payback for what he was put through. I imagine he will but will it be enough to make her question what she did and understand that she was wrong
    i doubt it or then Serren would be king. But this wait has been so long and you thinking you would be done last month but then end up having to rewrite it because you wrote yourself into a corner. It was so much agony
    finally the conflict is over and its winding down.

    And, I can see chloes point of view. putting Serren in the wrong body even if we take away the restrictions now imposed on him by being a girl, simply existing in a body that isnt his would create such torment in his life that would be much greater than anything else he would have to deal with that it would probably be too much
    but assuming hes strong enough I can see Chloes second point of his mothers betrayal. that has to be the worst insult. His own mother did this to him, she showed she had no faith in him and conspired to destroy his future and imprison him in a body
    and he hates her, he said that in the second book multiple times and now she knows it. I cant wait to see how that resolves but I think the Blessing is going to kick their ass
    The Goddess does love him, and he was blessed by her
    but this wait is so much


  4. I have a question
    When you finally release it. Will we be able to purchase a actual physical copy or just download the Ebook

    I would like to do both when it comes out. Id would like to purchase the Ebook and an actual physical book
    I may purchase all thre as a physical book if it is possible


      1. Amazon doesn’t have a hard cover option. I have used Lulu in the past, but only for ebooks, and their interface has become unbearable anyway. Not sure if they even have hard back, either. So, I am not aware of a way to do it.


  5. Thank you for telling me I look forward to hearing interesting news of when you reach the Apex of book 3…. This book series is surprising and with great detail almost like you’re visiting a different world or you the writer came back from A Different World to tell us the story.


  6. Well, not to sound too mysterious, but many of the scenes come to me while I am sleeping. I wake up and just write what I “saw” in my dream. Even when I am “making it up” as I go, the characters often surprise me, and things pop into my head from nowhere, so for it is almost like I am watching it happen and just writing it down sometimes.


    1. You consistently are saying that you dont know what your characters are going to do and they often really surprise you
      and you dont outline or plan the novel out.
      So I am really curious now. how have they surprised you and what were some of the most surprising things they did
      can you tell us


      1. A few things pop to mind. Serren deciding to hide in his room when he first changed. Appollon refusing to help Serren was a surprise. Pattenia’s trip to the Temple of Maxis. Serren and Nemeria getting physical. Those are just a few that pop to mind.


      2. yeah I can see him being so afraid and ashamed he was hiding in his room. I wonder what you had planned before that came up. But it isnt that much of a surprise
        Appollon refusing to help Serren was a big surprise and I wonder why. I guess he assumed that Maxis had abandoned Serren and determined he was unworthy but thats silly.
        But I do wonder why Maxis didnt help or protect him unless he was unable. I assume that wasn’t the case. I figure he was upset at his people and decided they needed to be taught a lesson.
        But still, to do this to an innocent teenage boy, innocent in that he is not responsible for what is going on or how the women are treated. But Maxis and the Goddess Progenita doing this to him and making him a patsy, and a sacrifice to build change on is a horrifying injustice
        and if this is their will it makes me seriously question these gods of yours. Very serious questions
        and if they existed here, I would never follow them. they rule by fear and terror


      3. I originally thought of BB as kind of a Game of Thrones with a gender swap. I had some vague notion that after his change, Serren would immediately start an uprising, going around seeking allies…etc… But then, once I got to the scene, I could see he wouldn’t do that right away– ashamed both of his gender change and the fact he’d been forced into dresses.

        Maxim planned to put Ansey on the throne. He is a misogynist anyway and once Serren was a woman he considered him inferior and unworthy to be king. He gave Serren the fake dagger of withering to set Serren up to try and fail to kill Pattenia in front of everyone. All that occurred to me after Serren went to meet him, though, including the idea he would give him a fake weapon. More about Maxis and Progenita will be revealed in the final book!


      4. I understand but once he got over the shock and shame of it all and started using his brain. The fact that he was forced into dresses and subjected to this could have been a strong rallying cry against Pattenea.
        You could have still did thatI cant imagine there are many men who would think what was done to Serren was right. I am sure they would hate to see their sons or grandsons be treated that way

        So putting Ansay on the throne and the fake dagger was all Maxis. I figured it was just Appolyon and the priests not Maxis himself. as you said many gods followers do things the gods dont really approve of and that applys to the Hekatin and I assumed it also applied to the war priests
        but Maxis is really a cruel god exactly as you describe, I figured that was only what the Hekatin thought and they are suspect anyway. Hmm, thats kind of sad now
        So Maxis is no longer behind Serren after what was done
        both gods are deushes
        Serren never asked for this. The goddess and the Hekatin overwhelmed Serren by numbers.

        I wonder how much longer. You said you were 2/3s of the way and that was little over a week ago. If it is around 3 to 350 pages, this means you were around 200 pages then and a fast writer can get out around 10 pages a day. So you should be getting extremely close by now
        but then another week or so for editing. but you said you would tell us when you started that


      5. It made me sad that everyone betrayed serren. He was alone. Except for nemeria but she couldn’t stand against pattenia for him
        He had no strong political ally’s that cared what happened to him
        Hope pattenia faces that reality next book
        She deserves it


  7. I would love to see serren regan his manhood and his crown. Just better and stronger for what he learned
    I done see why he can’t unless he’s stopped from it or chooses to remain female
    Any why unless something greater is offered. Something more than a child forced on him against his will along with his sex he’s cursed with which deprived him of kingship
    So how is this greater than regaining his crown


  8. can you give us an update soon. How close are you getting to having the manuscript finished and ready for editing. You were about two thirds done over a week ago so think you should be getting close to being finished now. at least a week or less from being finally done with it
    Its just that there is so much I want answers for. Like how is Serren dealing with it, how does he fight, how effective is he and how strong is he with magic
    how does Pattenea react and do they keep hating eachother
    and finally, do they release the goddess and what is she like and who does she favor and how does she feel about Serren
    and finally who rules the shattered isles
    so many questions that need answers and only the third novel has them so we want it finally released. This wait is fustration so please try to keep us updated on your progress if you cant release it yet


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