Shattered Isles Origins


For those hoping for specific updates like word count or estimated time of completion, please see my response to Chloe.  In the meantime, a reader asked me a backstory question: where did the gender swap spell used to turn Serren into a girl originate?

Here is the story as recorded in the History Hekatania, housed in the secret library of Gaunefer:

It came to pass during the reign of the third King, Erenia, that she did have three sons and no daughters.  When she passed the age of child bearing,  The Coven First grew concerned.  It was known that men, with their anger and their selfishness, were not fit to govern, and it had been passed down by the goddess, herself, the blessed Progenita, that a woman always should guide the kingdom.  Indeed, the King was called in those days also by the title of “Loving Mother,” and it was her duty to care for all her children, that including every person who lived under the sky.

Some blamed Erenia, herself, for her failure to bare a daughter.  They said she must have sinned against the goddess to be so punished.  Others blamed her husband, Juntus.  Talk began to spread among the Council that they should name a new heir to the throne, a worthy girl from one of the other families.

The goddess, though, works in mysterious ways.  Erenia’s eldest son, Devin, had always surprised and delighted his mother.  Even as a child, he had shown great care for his younger siblings, and throughout his young life he’d shown many of the fine qualities of of a girl: he was caring and selfless, brave and courageous.  More, and in this he was not different from other boys, he longed for a girl’s life, and often Erenia had caught him sneaking into her library, reading books of magic meant only for the eyes of young ladies.    Boys, of course, sensing the superiority of the greater sex, often went through such a phase, but with Devin, Erenia saw something different.  He was a boy, but he had all the talents and mental acuity to be a girl– and a king.

Erenia went to the high witch of the hekatin, Neveria, and she asked if there were some way to give her son the gift of girlhood.  Neveria and the greatest witches of the realm, after prayer and consultation, concluded this was the will of the goddess, and they devised a spell, called simply, The Blessing.

Erenia went to her son, Devin, and explained that he was to be honored with a new sex, elevated to female and made the heir to the throne.  Devin resisted.  He wanted the life of a girl, but not to be a girl.  He had fallen in love, in truth, with a young woman, the loveliest girl in all the lands, Allania, and she had even asked for his hand in marriage.  He wept and suffered, but to his mother’s pride, he did what a good girl must, and he accepted that he must place the needs of others before his own.  Devin consented to his mother’s wishes and the wishes of all the kingdom, and on what became known as “Blessing Day” he was transformed into a young woman before the whole kingdom.  No one knew whether the tears the young Devinia shed were those of sorrow or joy.  More than a few noted that his new name meant, “Blessed of the Goddess.”

Devinia threw herself into her new life and duties with the passion and devotion expected of a woman, and as further proof of the will of the goddess, she in her turn bore three strong, brave daughters, as well as two lovely sons.  During her reign, the lands prospered and knew peace.  She was and is known as one of our great Mothers.

Devinia had a happy life, was a good king and loving mother.  It would all have seemed to be a joyous story. Yet, when she died, she asked to be laid to rest next to Allania, her first and true love, the one she had denied herself in order to fulfill her obligations to the kingdom.  Even this, most said, was only proof of her woman’s heart.

Since that time, whenever a young man showed unusual promise and proved himself worthy, or when called upon by the goddess, ‘The Blessing” was used to elevate him to stand among the women, as his merit had shown he deserved.









45 thoughts on “Shattered Isles Origins

  1. that is actually a really cool story. I think in the third or first book, you should add many of these cool exposition backstories. they are really cool.

    And this spell while seems cruel would be a miracle to a trans person. And while it may have been great for Davinia and such.
    It seems to be have misused against Serren as it was used to really demean him and deprive him of his future. and then he was abused and belittled and mocked. Now if it was the will of the goddess and really meant to enhance and insure he had a future, good. But then it really requires those that abused him to really be punished by the will of the goddess

    I thought that if you made Serren really trans and secretly longing for femalehood and and was a secret believer and follower of the Goddess, that would have been great. Of course, it still would mean Pattinea as the eldest female the heir until Serren really shows he was stronger, had a stronger female spirit and was a stronger believer in the Goddess then she would be the favored heir

    and also, so women only rule is the will of the Goddess when you seemed to indicate before that the Hekatin had grown corrupt and were abusing their power against the will of the Goddess
    now im confused. Is female supremacy what the Goddess herself believes in

    The story of Devinia may be a great topic for a full length novel


    1. I can see that. But she still bares a lot of guilt for what happened. But I can see followers of a religious going to far, it happens today and we have many very violent and hateful zealots
      but still, The Goddess inspired Serrens abuse at the hands of her followers, it was her that gave the visions of Serren as a woman and inspiring them to turn her, and she gave these visions to some very horrible and cruel women and those followers are still the same way as before and want to institute a reign of women
      and all of this led to the total destruction of a kind boys entire life for no other reason than he was born male, and the heir and had some privilege
      so this goddess is still very responsible and she is in my mind a very cruel deity that deserved what she got
      and she proved to many men why the laws forbid and hunted the hekatin
      and if serren was so willing, he could have inspired another rebellion and used his abuse as an example to spread fear and hatred
      and I kind of wish he did
      i dont understand him turning and joining the hekatin. the very people who ripped his future away and led to his abuse, his sexual assaults he suffered and his belittlement and abuse at the hands of his sister
      he should hate these people with such a burning passion


      1. Serren is a strong willed person and will overcome any or most obstacles I am interested too see what serren will do in the next book


  2. What is the Goddess
    I read when Sarren was studying about the history and the Goddess that she was the queen. Nothing said for how long but I assumed that she was the only queen until it all ended during the war. But now I find out there are others
    I assumed the Goddess was immortal so she would reign until she died. Now im confused
    And I am assuming that since she reigned and such, that this goddess was an actual physical being that existed in this world and will exist again. And I was assuming that if she is freed, she will claim the crown as she did before
    So what is this Goddess and how can she be struck down, and how can others that follow her ignore her will if she is a physical being that can exert her will on the world
    She is either incompetent or these horrible things are her will either way, I think the world is better off without her
    but im atheist. I think without El, Eloheam, adoni, ra, anubis, muhammad, and allah our world would be a lot better off

    This spell is very interesting. So its considered a blessing and used as such. So who ever is subject to it is really considered blessed which is why it had made Serren so powerful now that he can overpower his mother who is a high hekatin and is ready for the heketinian trials and the three ways. Thats awesome
    I guess they should have studied this spell a bit more because they wanted to use it as a curse to deny him a future and allow them to control and demean him. But tis really a blessing that is actually meant to enhance e and elevate someone, and thats exactly what happened
    so these people are really in for a rude suprise in so many ways
    but I still say it was more of a curse on serren. It was done against his will, without permission or even any warning ina way to deney his future, allow it to be stolen, and used to weaken him ina way that he can be controlled, and sidelined while someone else takes his future
    then he is tormented and belittled. And he is really helpless against it all
    so it really was a curse until he learned to tap into his femininity and use it, and use the power of the goddess but without Zikistaer and him manipulating events to gain access to his power, and perhaps his abuse, learning the hekatin arts could have took decades, or never at all


    1. and Id like to add that since this is a blessing ment to bestow an elevation and power to someone of merit meant to be king that Serren better end up as the King over the Kingdom especially with everything he suffered and sacrificed.
      Especially since Patteinea has shown she is spiteful, cruel mean spirited and vindictive. And selfish treating people cruelly, especially her own family including her own mother and brother
      And Serren has shown she is selfless and noble, and not mean spirited and cruel. I dont know if I will enjoy it if she isnt king in the End, if she is still looking up to and under Patteneas power after everything patteniea had done to him


    2. The goddess does not typical manifest in the mortal world. She sends agents and grants powers to mortals. The hekatin will call her their Queen or Mother, but this is meant in a divine sense, not as a political figure.


      1. I’m also curious how the first male king got the throne Ditch Witch disciples displease a goddess that she left them to teach them a lesson?


      2. The gifts of the goddess sure are abuse by her followers I wonder if the reason she left because she wanted to teach her disciples humility.


  3. Thank you for telling me this short story about the creation of the spell I always wondered why that spell was created it’s really sad that the oldest Prince was forced to become a woman. now I understand why men revolted against a females they did not want to be lesser they want to equality. but I guess with all that hate they felt for they long oppression of being treated inferior they wanted to put them through the same pain they went through. Thank you for telling me this short story of how the spell was created and I hope the ending of the third book brings man and woman together as equals. P. S….. Will there be a tentacle monster the next book and also how many other women that were once men will become pregnant?


    1. In response to your question above since the system for some reason won’t let me respond up there, the hekatin became arrogant and abused their power. In addition, they failed to honor the teachings of the goddess, instead twisting the faith to justify their own ends.


      1. How sad to hear that just goes to show you that no one is perfect power absolute power corrupts the best of us and I guess the goddess punish them for the wicked Deeds by abandoning them to teach him a lesson in humility I hope. Thank you for the response I appreciate you finding some time to write back to me.


  4. so men are unfit because of their emotions and anger. Seriously
    Women dont get angry and this seems very odd since I am guessing that in this world, women are still taught to embrace their emotions and its a sign of their strength. So this reasoning is stupid and we see many women who lash out in rage
    Pattenia did it to her brother with gless and enjoyed wrecking his entire life all over her anger. Hmmm, right
    But this world is so facinating and im assuming that women in this world are taught their emotions are strength. I wonder how men are raised and are they emotional are taught to control and suppress them just like in our world, and the world under maxis
    The world of Davinia is so interesting I would like to see her life in a full length novel
    but theres a reason I dont agree with you about this novel and the hekatin and the goddess. You seem to make her good and her followers but you said they are corrupt and not entirely in line with the reasoning of the Goddess
    and they seem so brutal to me, so cruel and they wrecked Serrens entire life and I doubt he will return his life in the third novel and I think Pattenia will still reign as King. And I will see that as an injustice and this is all proof that the men were right to fear the hekatin and the Goddess. And they are cruel and the priests were right. The hekatin and the goddess got what they deserved
    id like it to end with Serren restoring himself and reigning as a great King proving his family and sister wrong that he was unfit. He enforced equality, ends the persecution of women and allows women to be warriors and lead any life they want and he leads a golden age of equality
    but I doubt thats where you are headed. he loses his manhood, and doesnt regain it
    his sister retains what she stolen from her brother as the cost of his entire future, and he doesnt regain it
    he ends up serving the goddess that wrecked his entire life, and the people who tormented him beyond all reason
    that will leave a nasty taste in my mouth
    but still think they are in for arude shock and serren will give out a few serious ass kickings so I will read it for that and enjoy that part


  5. Can you tell us when you are getting close to the end
    You have been good at telling us when you were weeks away and a week away during your previous books of this series


      1. i wanted to know what you thought of it all. You are the master of the story, you are the one writing it all. You are the author and creator of all of this so I am curious of what you personally think of the events that happened to Serrrens life and what happened to him and his general personality that you made him with

        do you think he would have made a good king
        Personally, for me no not at sixteen but thats way too much to put on someone at sixteen especially after suffering the death of his father
        hell, his sister was barely better at almost eighteen but thats over a year older
        but if he was given more time to mature, then what
        and did he deserve to suffer what happened to him
        did he deserve to have his sex and his future taken from him
        i know in the eyes of the women and the goddess, yes indeed and its not even suffering at all
        being made into a woman is a blessing every man should desire
        but losing his destiny and his future is indeed a lot of suffering
        i hope that you intend on him getting the crown in the end


  6. I hope that the time is getting close. I am so eager to finally find out what Serren finally does and how he deals with his new life. You left so many clues about an upcoming marriage to his problems dealing with his pregnancy and cravings to hints that he may make up with his sister but it will be a fight and she goes very dark. I can hardly wait for it all

    im still very troubled by how cruel pattenea is being and has been to her helpless brother and I know you want us to root for the girl king fighting against the system and finally claiming the crown. I am troubled by how much you love this really cruel character and she seems to have no nobility to me. She is merciless and cruel to her helpless brother and she is simply cruel. She destroyed his entire life and he wasnt really bad. He taunted her but thats it. He never really hurt her, she really hurt him and she enjoyed it. How can we root for someone so horrible. he is the victim of a horrifying injustice by her hands
    And this is supposed to be about liberating women, she made him female now so she should be as free as other women but she forces him to live under horrifying restrictive laws that they hated and wanted free of. She is acting more like a man here
    and you were talking about the qualities of a good king loving selfless brave and courageous many of these qualities are what Serren really posses not patteniea
    pattenea is brave but she is brave against the helpless like those unarmed priests and her own brother, after she transformed him and she has superior strength now. Very brave indeed
    she did face down that creature but still
    she is very cruel
    her little sister is stronger and much more selfless and caring now. she has many qualities of a strong girl
    i am so eager to see her finally use it to prove her self


    1. Sibling rivalry can be a terrible thing. Pattenia is frustrated because she thinks when she becomes king she will be popular and beloved, but it seems to her Serren is still more popular and loved than her.


      1. that really does show that she wasnt really more mature than Serren. Despite his partying, she is still spiteful and jealous. That doesnt show more maturity.
        Serren didnt hold a grudge. He forgave her at the end of the first book and maintained his loyality and love for her through the second book and that shows his maturity and strength. It shows hes much stronger and more worthy of the crown than she is

        So she really just did this entire thing and siezed the crown from her brother just to be popular
        that wont work. It will make her feared and respected and thats what I thought this whole thing was about her her. She wanted the power and respect
        but as for being beloved. No. She doesnt have that personality. Serren has the charismatic personality that draws people to him. Patteniea is hateful, bitter and cruel
        she is feared and she made sure of that because of what she did to her brother

        can you tell us how far you are in writing this book
        i am curious


      2. A very interesting sibling rivalry I I’m anxious to see what happens in the final book unless you decide to make a fourth one?


      3. Whistle are you going to put any pictures in the book just to add a little bonus to the book series since it’s going to be final book I think.


      4. True pictures can be expensive but since it’s the last book I thought you might want to put something extra into it but if you can’t you can’t it will be a great book when it comes out. and I am excite to see the ending mostly about what will happen to the Evil Queen what will be her fate I wonder?


  7. I am also wondering how far you are in the book now and wish you could give us an update on your chapter or word count. Personally,, id like to know when we can expect it to be done. At least a generalized timeframe
    I know you have had loads of trouble with it that required it to be scrapped. Did you have to scrap the entire thing and start from an empty page last month
    so does that mean we could be waiting many more months, or just weeks
    thats what I really want to know
    if it could be done six months down the road, or this month to some time next month


  8. A thought just came to mind I’m not sure why it took me this long it’s serren is pregnant who is the father and is the reason she got pregnant because there may be a side effect of the spell that is you are close to or touch a man’s skin and you have strong feelings for the person spell create a way for serrenina to get pregnant?


      1. Okay but tell me this when the book is finished will there be a hardcover or just Kindle book and if both if I buy the hardcover will I get the Kindle Amazon book for free just asking.


      2. Ok thank you for telling me…. by the way I know this seems like an odd question but your other book the one you scrapped pretty the head that where’s the crown do you have any thought of making a third book for that one just to completed it to Give A better ending?


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