The Shattered Isles Map

Good day, dear readers and random strangers who may have stumbled upon this page.  Today I share with you the map of The Shattered Isles!  The map indicates which regions or islands are governed by the various royal houses.  Please note that this map is not to scale as a modern map would be.  Even with magic, the people of The Shattered Isles lack the precision of our modern times, so some things may look wrong to the dedicated readers of my novels.  Specifically, Gaunefer is actually the most distant island from the capitol, though it may not appear so on this map.

Meanwhile, I am busily typing away on the third book. If you haven’t read the Brother Bewitched series, why not take a moment and check out a free sample?

Brother Bewitched


17 thoughts on “The Shattered Isles Map

  1. I hoped the novel would be released by Christmas but I guess not. I don’t know when it will be. I’m sad it’s not already out. I guess and hope for next month. I wish you would tell us how far you are


  2. I do hope that Brother Belligerent gets released soon and I actually get to read it
    from what you said, it sounds so awesome and I can hardly wait but theres no choice but to wait since it isnt released or available yet


  3. there was so much hope a month ago when you announced you were working on the third novel and would have it out mid this month. When that date came, ai assumed you would be finished and when you said you wouldn’t be, ai hoped that since you timed it for that date that you would be extremely close and perhaps days away
    but now nearly two weeks passed, I am guessing you were no where near finished and have no clue where you are and you are reluctant to give any date on when it will be finished
    Its so frustrating waiting for this now. You ended the second novel on such a terrible cliffhanger and theres so many questions to be answered, and we want to see if Serrren can face his sister and be victorious against her plans for him. She has been so terrible and Serrens downfall is so heartbreaking and hes treated so cruelly. We want to see him rise up against this, and we see that he has learned so much now that he deserves to stand beside his sister as her equal but she cant accept that. She wants to hold him down and be serrrens superior whe shes not They are equal siblings both with ambitions and will refuse to be held back in the shadows. am looking forward to when pattenia realizes that and her cruel efforts to oppress and persecute Serren will result ina very ugly backlash that may destroy everything she has worked to hard to achieve so im hoping you give us some kind of input soon on when this will be released, or some time when we can expect itor even a message that you are still working on it and its progressing but we have no clue right now and thats what is most frustrating being two weeks passed your original release date,m we do hope you are extremely close or perhaps now editing it. I would like to know


  4. I see ansays isle but not rooks rock. And I always wondered about that part because there didnt seem to be any part of where Pattenia boarded a ship and went to the Isle. But they would have had to, wouldnt they to land there and take their deep water port that I cant remember the name of. How ever, I dont want to read it again, that book is so full of pain and suffering. Yeah we read about Pattenias strength and her victory but Serren suffers thuogh the entire book and few of them even care of the horror they inflicted on that boys very life and his future
    I really hope they lal pay dearly in the next book when serren unleashes his wrath and I hope its as painful as what they cruelly inflicted on him

    I had assumed it was an overland march but that part had to be on Ansays isle. But I dont see where they boarded any ship


    1. i wonder what has happened to our author T.G. Kadee
      i know he said he was going dark but I figured he would have some quick released for the weeks leading up to its final release
      but, now its so dark and hes so silent. Maybe hes very close now
      we hope so but theres no way to know and I thought he was going to have amajor release on the backstory of the great war


  5. I hope that we get something from you soon. Your lack of any reports on your progress or anything for the third book is disheartening and very extremely frustrating.
    I will show you okay.
    I am also waiting for another princess story, solider of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews. The first book princess of dorsa was fucking awesome. And unlike this, that woman was named the emperors heir against advice, but princess Natasia seems to value and love her family unlike Pattenia. but Natasiais an only child and Pattneia has a rival brother that she seems to hate and despise. And the brother was the Heir, and she hated that and endeavored to totally destroy him and his will.
    But Eliza gives us a lot of regular updates including how many words she has written each week and so on. So we know progress is being made, and it looks like she is getting very close to finally releasing it. Its agiant book that has taken over a year, much more than she originally counted on but she kept us updated, unlike what you seem to be. We have no clue what you have done, how lcose you are, how many words, pages or anything. Its complete and total silence.
    Except for these releases on the history, houses, and even that map which is good but we would like to know how close you are to finally releasing the book and some time to except it
    so please stop leaving us in the dark on this


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