Going Dark– release date update

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So, I have been getting many messages from readers interested in the release date for Brother Belligerent.  I had hoped at one point some months ago to have it done by Mid-December.  Well, here we are and it is not done.  My apologies for that.

So, when will it be out?  Truly, I do not know.  I am working on it steadily and will finish it as soon as I can.  However, I learned my lesson, and instead of floating a release time out there and then missing my deadline again, this time I will just assure you that I am working hard.

Once I have finished the manuscript and uploaded it to Amazon, I will post that information here!  Hopefully, the story will be worth the wait.

In related news, I am going dark until the manuscript is done, meaning I am not going to respond to messages or emails.  I do appreciate the messages, and in fact, it was readers reaching out to me that helped me get back on track to writing the book, but I am finding it too much of a distraction right now.  So, if you send a message, please do not be offended if I don’t respond.  It just means I working on the book.

I do hope to write a few more posts on the background/history of the world in the coming weeks leading up to the release of the novel!  Look forward to a map of The Shattered Isles soon!

Thanks, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Going Dark– release date update

  1. Damn. I had assumed when you released the cover and told us the name that you were very close to being done. I had assumed months ago when you said mid dec that you were very close to the end
    Now, I am assuming you had just started and had not really written anything in over a year and you figured you wrote fast enough that you would be finished. But you had just started the book
    or maybe you were in the middle. I wish you could tell us how close you are to finished so we have a general time frame for its ending instead of nothing but you said its possibly weeks but you dont know
    I hope you are close enough to the end that it is weeks away. I would love to read it before next month
    but the distractions need to end. I lets hope


  2. I understand it is a lot of hard work to wright a amazing book like brother bewitched and brother bewildered and I know the third one will be the best and if you can tell me about the psycho evil queen that want’s too kill the twins what fate will she have and about her sons fate as well please.


  3. I am really looking forward to the book. I really am and wish it was already out. I guess all of us bugging you was a major distraction. sorry
    I still fear that it will be an unsatisfying conclusion for me. I feel that the entire premise of the story is flawed. I could be wrong
    But if you wanted a premise of a boy being forced to become a girl and live the life of a young sister then the people doing this should be the villains that need to be defeated so our hero can rise
    Or, if you wanted it to be justified, then you should have written Serren as the villain that they are doing this to save themselves from his cruelty. But you wrote Serren into a very kind, wise and compassionate boy. He was just weak. but there was really nothing wrong with them
    And you wrote the sister and hekatin as people fighting for their own liberation Even if they are openly cruel to Serren for no reason
    and at first when he believed in the Junk then I can understand. Still, he quickly turned to their side and I no longer understand why they are tormenting and hating him now instead of releasing him or even offering to restore his masculinity. So I see these people as sadists and villains
    but I fear the conclusion won’t be very satisfying because I want to see some payback for what Serren sufferers and without that, I dont know how satisfying the conclusion will be to me
    Because I like stories with some payback for what was suffered by the hero
    but im still looking forward to it, and I hope that I am wrong
    it could be a very satisfying conclusion but the level of cruelty here is very extreme
    Serren was destroyed and lost everything in his life, and he was forced to watch his vindictive sister take it, and enjoy it in his face as she ruthlessly tormented and taunted him
    and I know he taunted her, but he was the younger brother who was taught these things about girls as a child. What choice did he have
    She knows better, and she isn’t just the sister now. She is the King with absolute unquestionable power over his life
    it’s vastly different.
    I feel she needs to pay a massive price for what she did to him


    1. I doubt there will be any cost. the issue is the author TG Kadee really ramped up the odds on Serren to such an extreme extent that he never stood a ghosts chance. He had no chance. Everything was against him. He had no chance and no future. The Nobles hated him, his own family didnt want him. His other mother was against him and supported his sister. thats despicable. The people who should have been on his side, the priests that taught him from birth suddenly hated him. The women hated him. A powerful organization of witches hated him and even a divine goddess was against him
      He never stood a chance as a boy. He is doomed, he will never be a man, it was taken from him and he never stood a chance
      All he can do is accept it, and with all of this against him being a man and willing to take his life from him, he can never get it back and wont. All he can do is make a new life thats forced on him and use his new power as a woman to fight it and even that can go only so far with all thats set against him having any sort of future
      hes starting to gain new allies as a woman. Hes beginning to convince the witches and hes on their side
      but he had no chance as a man and was never going to
      he was cursed from the day he was born as a boy
      this story is rather sad


  4. I really dont know how you plan on redeeming Pattenia but I think you do. How ever I just dont think she can be redeemed in my eyes after everything she did to him. I think that no matter what she does at this point going forward, and what she is about to do, I think there will be no redemption that I can accept in my eyes. She is lost and I wont accept it. But that was already set in the first book to me, destroying her brothers entire life and then forcing him into dresses and corsets instead of affording him the freedom she enjoyed, and was about to bestow on the women of the kingdom. That did it for me, and then her behavior in the second book simply solidified her character in my eyes. Short of going to her knees in front of the kingdom, apologizing and begging for his forgiveness and restoring him as a man, and as the king
    I cant accept any redemption
    Its like trying to demean a rapist or a child predator for me
    it cant be done and any attempt may just piss me off


  5. why is this taking so damn long
    I hoped it would be done by now but its taking longer and longer and you dont give us much at all
    this is taking so long


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