The First Reveal!

The release of the final book in The Shattered Isles series is only a few weeks away!  I am busily writing away, discovering scenes and moments in the lives of Serren, Pattenia and the whole cast of characters.  While I have steadfastly resisted numerous calls for spoilers from my devoted readers, I have decided to share a few little things in the weeks leading up to the release of the third book, beginning tonight with the cover and title!


I would love to know your thoughts about the title and cover!  Let me know what you think.  Now, let me get back to Serren who was just about to…  ooops!  Almost gave one away there!

15 thoughts on “The First Reveal!

  1. so serren in a wedding dress and the bug over head of it. Wonder what that means
    perhaps its not serren but i cant imagine it being anyone else


  2. I understand. And my question was mostly rhetorical just saying I wonder. Then asking for spoilers. Im happy to wait
    I just wonder and I hope the reason you give is good
    I think it will be
    I thin I already know what the answer is. Its good if it’s what I think


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